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My Yoga Story

We are passionate about offering the benefits of yoga to all in our community and believe yoga is for everyone.

My Yoga Story features local people who take part in sessions on site and we hope that they encourage and inspire everyone to get involved in yoga.

Hi I’m John and this is my Yoga Story…

I take part in a range of yoga activity at Yorkshire Yoga as I find it helps me sustain my muscle tone, flexibility, balance and general wellbeing. I have muscular and skeletal challenges and the physical aspects of yoga helps me with that.

Yoga is about balance and control and certain moves really help me and helps keep my motor neuron pathways open.

I like the physical aspect of yoga and the stretching exercises help with pain I have in my back but get a lot of peace and positive feedback from taking part.

I’ve done Tai Chi and a little bit of yoga in the past and I’ve found one of the moves in yoga triggers a euphoric response.

I’m doing Nada Yoga and taking part in Yogart – a creative workshop combining yoga and art.  I find chanting really helps.

I see yoga as a treatment for some of the physiological issues I’m facing and adds to the medical therapy I receive through the NHS.

I find the positive effects of taking part happen over time but I really noticed it when I stopped coming to sessions over the Christmas break.  I recently went up the Matterhorn with my daughter and the yoga I do really raises my energy levels and helps a lot – it helps motivate me and keeps me connected socially.